Websites we recommend to find that special, really made in Hawaii brand. They cover the primary facts about culture, shopping, places to stay and all the nuances of each island. Great place to start your search. Go Hawaii.

The next website is for experienced users and is the mecca of where to find the very really made in Hawaii products. We first went here in their 5th annual event in Honolulu. 90% was food. Jams, jellies hot sauce, hot water, anything with coffee, lillikoi, papaya, pineapple, etc. And while most of their exhibitors present products authentically made in Hawaii; a good number do not and itÕs often discouraging to find a beautiful necklace only to learn the shells came from Indonesia, the glue, the beads and the boxes all came from China; the only thing made in Hawaii was the Aunty who strung it all together. Anyway, once you get past a few of these, itÕs a wonderful array of fun, authentic, delicious and entertaining Hawaiian experience. Go to this page, copy and paste the exhibitor names into your search engine of preference. It would be great if the festival producers put links directly to them, but they donÕt (would be a successful revenue stream if applied). Researching like this takes some time, but this is the only website (besides that coordinates at least 85% of the local made-in-Hawaii vendors. There are always more, really made in Hawaii products Š you just have to go about finding them in an analog way. Car, boat or plane and take the search offline. Each island has local goods made just there, just for that market or shop, wonderful finds from very small mom and pop companies that do it just for fun, to talk story and keep the really Hawaiian culture alive - no big plans in mind for expansion or distribution. First come, first served. Made in Hawaii Festival.